four column house





+ 新建築『住宅特集』2018年6月号 掲載

construction: tosei

photo by jumpei suzuki



It is a three-story wooden house built on the site along the street used to be a flourishing red-light district. Although the site is situated in a semi-fire zone, 120 mm square column and beams are revealed by using the pubic notice of regulation. The feeling of closed life also overlapped well with the opening-limit regulation.

We lowered a level of the second floor as much as possible together with bringing it closer to the front road. In this area, once used to be a Hanamachi (Geisha town), geiko (geisha) used to be sitting on the handrail of the window and waving her hand. So the proximity of the second floor and the road feels like a traditional distance for this area. Windows are being gradually hid during time due to the growing plants decorating the façade. Passing by the street, one can find wooden structure at the first glance. As if a core of a fruit, columns and beams penetrate upper and lower levels coming very tightly to everyday life. Creating the overlapped image of a strict form and smooth life.

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construction: tosei

photo by jumpei suzuki